Willie Nelson Rescued 70 Horses From a Slaughterhouse and Let Them Roam Free on His Ranch

Willie Nelson is a famous country musician and marijuana activist, but the latest news tell us that he is also a horse lover. That news is deepening the reasons why he is a lovely person for his fans.

He’s so affectionate of the horses and he recently rescued 70 from being slaughtered and allowed them to roam on his 700-acre ranch in Texas.

When Willie is not on the road he spends most of his time at Luck Ranch. This ranch is his home and the name “Luck” suits in more ways than one.

In the interview for KSAT 12 News, Nelson told Paul Venema that being at the ranch for everybody means being in Luck, but if not the person is out of Luck.

Undoubtedly, he is happy about the horses too and agrees that they are also lucky.

Speaking about the horses he told Venema that his horses are probably the luckiest in the world because they get hand-fed twice a day and that the worst thing they remember is probably the momentum when they were ready to go to slaughter. Rescuing them from slaughtering and allowing them to live at his ranch has made them the happiest horses in the world.

According to the Epoch
Times Nelson has long held a love for horses, which is for instance shown in his song Ride Me Back Home. This song, actually shows the attest to his love for the animal.

He was also awarded for his song The Love of Horses, in 2015. Watch the video of this song:

In the video is shown Nelson’s meeting with the members of Habitats for Horses who were trying to end the slaughter of horses, while they were working to get new legislation passed.

In his family, he isn’t the only lover of horses. His son, Lukas, also supports Saving America’s Horses as well as Habitat for Horses.

Additionally, the younger Nelson’s band, Lukas Nelson & Promise, have sung praise for horses.

A nearly 90-years-old musician shows no signs of slowing down or staying silent about issues he feels passionately about.

So, even though he retired after every show, with the band he is playing again.


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