Engineer Invents Shelters For The Homeless That Retain Heat During Winter

FBy having these shelters, the homeless people in the world can live a less difficult and more secure life than they ever lived before.

Even though we enjoy the comfort and warmth of our home, we do not usually think of people who are homeless, living in the cold weather without any shelter or warmth to keep them during the night.

The sympathy that most people feel for the homeless is not enough to keep them warm and sheltered. That is why there is a saying that actions can speak louder than any words.

In France, there are over 3,000 people that are homeless that had to endure this year’s cold winter. For that reason, a French engineer called Geoffroy de Reynal had an idea to innovate and help the homeless. His innovation is a pop-up igloo that can fit a person comfortably and can be easily put up.

By working on wind construction sites as a quality manager, he felt the bad conditions in France and that inspired him to help the homeless and use his engineering knowledge to solve this social issue.

Igloos were distributed around Bordeaux and homeless people that tested them out never wanted to leave. By staying inside the igloos, the people were safe from theft, violence, and the wild and cold nights.

The way the igloos are made is with polyethylene foam, protected with foul of aluminum, and both layers can aid the container from the cold temperatures, keeping the igloo 15° warmer than the outside temperature.

These igloos are compact and private, recyclable, waterproof, and easily repairable. Additionally, they can absorb body heat and solar lighting so that the temperature inside can go up.

Firstly, De Reynal used his own money to create the igloos this winter, and later he made a crowd-funder online to raise about $20,000. He stated that he created 20 igloos prototypes by his own funds and the crowdfunding money, distributing 10 in Paris and 10 in Bordeaux.

De Reynal lived in Montenegro for a year and during that time he did not see that many people that were homeless. Because of that, when he went back to France, he was really surprised by how many people were homeless, living on the streets in terrible weather conditions.

This inspired him to help them by making their life at least a bit less difficult. He also plans to make these shelters bigger and install showers inside. His plan is to make thousands of them by 2020. Change can be made by every single individual, as was shown by Geoffroy de Reynal.


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