This School Replaced Detention With Meditation And The Results Are Incredible

IBy making the children in the school meditate for misbehaving, the children benefited from higher concentration, less resisting behaviors, and lower conflict.

An elementary school in Baltimore, Maryland named Robert W. Coleman started to use a different strategy in relating to misbehaving children and the way they are being punished.

Instead of having them sent to detention or suspending them, the children in this school are told to meditate on the floor to make them calm down.

This technique has been found to be really successful. The technique is created in partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation, which is a local charity. The place or the room that the children are being sent is called the ‘Mindful Moment Room’.

According to the school’s Holistic Me coordinator, Kirk Philips, the children meditated during their Christmas party before they were given their presents.

Schools all over the world are thinking of using this technique instead of detention or suspension because of its great results. The Mindfulness in School Projects throughout the UK is teaching adults how to set up the programs.

On their website, it states that the mindful awareness can help children understand worry, keep their attention with better skill and awareness, dealing with exams and managing difficulties, as well as help them with concentration, boosting their working memory and helping them avoid being distracted. Mindfulness can also help them have a bigger awareness of relationships as well as boosting their self-esteem and optimism.

Children’s behavior also benefits from this program because it helps them control their impulsiveness, helps them self-regulate, and will lower conflict and resisting behavior.

Using this program can be very beneficial for the children. As Philips stated, there haven’t been any children suspended from the school since they introduced the mindfulness program.

Additionally, attendance rate increased and the suspensions decreased in a nearby Patterson Park High School as a result of the program being implemented there as well.


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