Pregnant Whale Found Dead with 49 Pounds of Plastic and Decomposed Fetus in Her Belly

Disposable plastics are found as a very dangerous material that can cause many health problems, such as the deaths of marine life in the most horrible way.

The humans are of spreading out those plastics around and they are responsible to fix that before time runs out.

Many studies confirmed that marine creatures are ending up beached because of the plastics, which caused their deaths.

Recently in Sardinia, Italy was found beached a dead pregnant sperm whale with 22 kg of plastic in its stomach and it had a dead fetus – says

According to Italy’s environment minister and a non-profit organization ”
 World Wildlife Fund ” working in the field of marine life, plastic is one of the worst enemies of marine species.

It is really sad that animals are paying the price for humans’ excesses,

The president of the same group Luca Bittau, said that the mammal was full of “garbage bags, fishing nets, lines, and tubes.

The Whale was pregnant and had almost certainly aborted before (she) beached, and the fetus was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Unfortunately, there was no chance of saving the fetus because it had died before she beached, so nobody could do anything to save her child.

This animal was found at the tourist spot Porto Cervo. It was really big, eight meters long, which was a shock for those who found her.

According to marine life expert Bittau, this case needs an examination to find out what exactly killed the creature.

As God’s creations animals need better care and attention because they can’t speak for themselves. It is expected by the humans to speak for them and ensure that their future generations see the light of day.

Recently, the European Parliament has enacted a law banning single-use plastics like straws, cotton buds and cutlery by 2021, which is important for all who are planning to travel there.

Costa also promised that Italy will be one of the first countries to implement the war on disposable plastic and that they won’t stop here.

Last month (in March), another whale was found beached in the Philippines with 40 kg of plastic bags in its stomach, while in November, more than 1,000 pieces of plastic were found inside a whale in Indonesia.

However, the list of the dead animals didn’t end here, and the sperm whale died last year in Spain after eating 60 pounds of plastic.

However, the list of the dead animals didn’t end here, and the sperm whale died last year in Spain after eating 60 pounds of plastic.

Since the majority of the things are made of plastic it is necessary to make the change of the materials and start from the packaging of any object we buy.

Here’s a video of the whale, which is really a heart-wrenching sight. It shows the pain man inflicts on other beings:


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