Research Has Now Confirmed That The Youngest Sibling Is The Funniest

Studies that examined the characteristics of the members of many families found that annoying younger siblings, who are always at the center of attention, are the funniest in the family. That is always noticeable by anyone who has a younger brother or sister.

The survey by YouGov showed that younger siblings typically see themselves as being funny while elders claim to be more successful and organized. Older siblings, typically weight more responsible.

The results of the studies of the youngest and oldest children in British families about the personalities found that there were many differences in character between the two, such as:

–           The feeling of the burden of responsibility – 54 percent firstborn are more responsible than their siblings, compared to 31 percent of the last born

–           Younger siblings funnier (46 percent compared to 36 percent of elder siblings),

–           Younger siblings are, also more easygoing (47%, comparing to 442%) and more relaxed (42% comparing to 39%)

–           Older is more organized (54% comparing to 43%).

The fact that older children are seen to be more responsible, in most cases guaranteed that they are also more likely to be successful.

The study proves, also that younger siblings are more favored by their parents.

The academics at Birmingham and Reading universities found that younger siblings are more likely to be millionaires than their elder counterparts.

Another study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences showed that younger siblings were ‘more likely to be exploratory, unconventional and tolerant of risk’.

The researchers found also that the youngest children of non-entrepreneurial families are more likely to become entrepreneurs as they were ‘born to take risks and rebel.’ It was discovered by following 6,300 British men and women who were born in 1970 and raised with siblings.

The percentage of the success was in favor of younger of two children (49), while for older was 38.

Even in the families with three children, there was still a 43 percent chance of the youngest starting their own business.

However, that is not the case in families with a history of self-employment, because the first and middle-born children were more likely to become entrepreneurs.

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